The Importance Of Email Archiving Software

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Most businesses must deal with the archiving and storage of many different types of data.
This was done in the past through some very simple methods that made targeting and recovering information difficult.
Modern technologies have made this process much easier.
Email data must be treated and archived differently from most other digital files.
This is because of industry regulations, the volume of messages and other factors that are unique to email archiving.
Businesses should be using software that is specifically designed for this task for a number of reasons.
Fast Access Email archiving software creates a framework that makes writing, reading and searching through a large archive fast and easy.
Businesses that do not use specialized software are often forced to use other programs to store batches of small files that are difficult to manage and that take up larger amounts of storage than necessary.
The right application allows administrators or employees to access the storage across a network so that emails that have been stored for months or longer will be found and transferred to a local system in a very short period of time.
Fast access is also a regulatory requirement in some industries.
Flexibility An email archiving program that uses a virtual storage appliance provides a business with flexibility.
A virtual storage appliance abstracts the hardware in the office from the physical system that is storing the data.
This means that any office computers that are attached to a network can access archives regardless of whether they are stored on a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) set up inside of the office or on a remote cloud-based storage solution in another part of the world.
The actual configuration is something that average employees do not need to understand.
This provides the company with the ability to dynamically change or upgrade the location of an archive to meet the evolving needs of the business.
Additionally, a virtual storage appliance will help to save space on local disks by aggregating emails and eliminating duplicates.
Security A practical benefit that comes from using email archiving software is security.
Software that is dedicated to email archiving ensures that internal information contained in the emails is never mixed with the client data or external information that could be exposed to unauthorized users.
Additionally, the virtual storage appliance isolates the drive or device that is being used to store the information physically.
This eliminates any chance that proprietary internal communications could be written to the wrong location due to human error.
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