How To Buy And Maintain A Trash Compactor

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Installing a trash compactor in your kitchen has a lot of benefits. You can manage your household waste more easily, reduce the number of trips to the garbage bin and also reduce the volume of waste that ends up in the landfill. Eliminating kitchen trash also eliminates germs.

When the times comes to buy one, there are two basic designs to consider. There are freestanding models and ones that install underneath your kitchen counter. Which design you choose depends on personal preference and a few practical considerations.If your kitchen is not an option, then a freestanding unit, that can be placed in other areas, will be your best option. Freestanding units have a finished top and so provide additional counter space.

Under the counter varieties are generally installed underneath your kitchen counter and in between cabinets. They usually come in various front-end styles so that they will fit right in with the rest of the kitchen counter and furniture. Some models are convertible which means that they can work as both freestanding and under-the-counter.Trash compactors are equipped with an array of features. There can be an anti-jam mechanism, odor management, sound dampening technology and more.

The most important consideration is the size and power of the machine as that will determine the compaction ratio. The compaction ratio is the number of full garbage bags that the trash compactor will reduce into one. Smaller machines have a 4 to 1 compaction ratio while larger ones can deliver 6 to 1. Keep in mind that a compacted bag will be considerably heavier than an ordinary one.

As helpful as these machines are, there are some safety consideration that need to be taken into account. Keep small children away from trash compactors. Their crushing force can range anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 pounds so it is not something to play with. The same applies for pets. Never place toxic chemicals, poisonous substances or items that might explode in a trash compactor. This includes compact aerosol cans.

Cleaning your trash compactor is an unavoidable task. Make sure you unplug it first. Always use gloves before touching any inner surfaces. The grime from decomposing food is a prime source of bacteria. Remove the bag from the bin and clean its entire surface area with warm soapy water. As a final step, replace the air freshner filter as specified by the manufacturer.
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