Fun Time Vacation Club Scam - Is it One?

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One of my prospects asked me if I had ever heard about this business and if I thought that there was a Fun Time Vacation Club scam.
 Whenever someone asks me about an online business, I check it out.
 It is nice to see what people are looking at online when they are looking for home business opportunities.
The Fun Time Vacation Club is a business that you can join and both benefit from the discount travel vacations that they offer and from the income that you can make by recruiting new members.
 The price point is very reasonable as you can join at different levels costing from $39 to $299.
The replicated website that I found was very appealing and easy to navigate.
 The key with this type of business is, of course, learning how to drive traffic to it.
 There is a limit to how many prospects that most people can find in their "warm market" that will be interested in a travel discount program.
 Many people today are more worried about their health, job security and financial situation than they are about getting a discount on an exotic vacation.
If you travel a lot, this may be very appealing to you, but with the economy spiraling downward, there may be better businesses to start from home.
 I believe that this current economy is a huge opportunity for people that want to start a business from home.
 Many people are looking for a way to make money from home so that they can feel more secure in this economic environment.
 That fact makes finding prospects to build a network marketing business much easier than it has been in a long time.
I believe that the best products to market from home or online are products that improve the financial situation of your prospects and that also provide a decent residual income.
 This means that consumable products are best.
 There are many supplements and juices that are making home business marketers a lot of money.
 Systems that specialize in teaching marketing methods are also attractive to a lot of prospects.
You should also try to find a company or business that is unique.
 There are many vacation clubs that market online and through home businesses.
 If you want to really prosper in a home business, you should also look for a product or service that is attractive to people and that does not have lots of competitors.
  The key to success with any home or online business that you jump into is that you believe in the product or service and that you have quality tools to use to market both the product and opportunity.
 It is also important that you realize that success with any business takes a significant effort.
 There is no such thing as get-rich-quick in home businesses so you need to be realistic when you decide to join any company.
I told my prospect that there is not a Fun Time Vacation Scam and that they could make money with that program if they put the time and effort into it.
   As long as a company has a product that people want, you can make money with it if you work at it and learn now to market it.
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