Fashion - Vision Much More Than Wealth

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People say that money cannot buy one's will; in fact, it will be great if this "will" is that amazing.
One of my friend's friends has become a Louis Vuitton girl after brainwashing by her foreign petty bourgeoisie boyfriend and she has bought many authentic Louis Vuitton handbags ever since, each of them costing more than five figures and she slides her credit card without a wink.
This girl lives in a rented apartment until now and she belongs to the Moonlite family.
Behind a luxury is the support of a system, which results from a culture of several decades or a hundred years.
" Does a LV girl really appreciate the design style and culture of Louis Vuitton? Or what she wants is the admiration from other people's eyes? If for the former, I have to look up to her; if for the latter, then it is really ridiculous-with China's market currently swamped with sham Louis Vuitton and imitations, even though your Louis Vuitton bag is authentic, nice people out of ten will take it as a fake.
In my opinion, fashion should be something that "bursts out from your bones".
You won't like something without full understanding.
There is nothing to do with money, except the purchase.
Just like fashion icon Kate Moss, she can mix and match designer clothes with staple goods and still looks fabulous.
She loves a piece of clothes only because she knows it, not because of its label tag.
Overall, the fashion thing depends more on vision than on wealth.
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