How to Develop Employee Core Competencies

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    • 1). Evaluate your employees' current level of competence. Performance evaluations will often have core competencies listed in categories such as production, service, interpersonal interaction and efficiency, which can be used to graph your employees. You should focus on whether or not your employee has a solid grasp of job responsibility and if she has the skills necessary to perform the job.

    • 2). Identify weaknesses and areas of improvement. This will take an objective and results-based point of view.

    • 3). Communicate the results to each individual employee separately. Areas needing improvement should be addressed in a direct and professional manner. Ask the employees for their input on specific ways they can improve; involving them will help foster their professional responsibility.

    • 4). Create a solid development plan for each employee. This should include a time line of progressive events that will coach the employee toward steady improvement. Start with the most basic concepts of improvement within the guidelines for your employees, and strategically increase conceptual difficulty or responsibility over time. Your employee can be sent to training classes or be assigned tasks that are directly related to areas in which he needs improvement. You can also pair employees with others who are conceptually strong in the core competencies so they can coach each other.

    • 5). Monitor improvement and provide feedback often. Follow-through is one of the most important parts of the improvement process. Your employee should receive feedback on a regular basis so she can be encouraged to continue to improve. This will also serve to give you an honest assessment of how effective your plan was for developing core competencies. Make small adjustments to the plan if you discover that certain areas can be more effective, to give the employee the best support possible.

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